What is after effects template?

It is a pre-made project containing all the files required to achieve particular look of the video including media placeholders, text, lights, effects, filters, animation and settings.

Why use our After effects template editing services?

When you need some video content created, basically you have three options:

  1. You can do it yourself. All the quality depends on your personal skills.
  2. You can contact and hire creative agency or freelancer. This way you can get unique, custom and never used before video content at appropriate price.
  3. You can buy pre-made project and order After effects template editing services. Possibly two largest video project archives are Videohive and Videoblocks where you can buy different types of templates for every occasion. Since templates are being made by experienced video editors you can get quality project for a fairly low price. Prices start at $12 and varies depending on complexity and customization of pre-made template. All these aspects together with advantages below indicate why pre-made projects might be suitable for you:
    • low cost option
    • fast outcome
    • experienced video editors
    • sample video preview
    • you found template that meet your needs

If you are looking for a video content and these arguments above describe your needs, please contact us and order After effects template editing services now.

How much does After effects template editing cost?

Since there are various categories and many different templates the price is volatile. It depends on various factors like project complexity, final term, resolution, time taken for correction and revisions. Below you can find guide prices for our After effects template editing services:

Logo reveal / Lower thirdsIntro / Promo / Slideshow / Greeting
From $12From $25

These are base prices when all the files are provided and no detailed customization is required.

Most popular after effects template categories

Logo reveal

This is very short video insert mostly lasting no more than 10 seconds and used at the very beginning of clip. Generally logo reveal includes graphic elements animated together with various transitions and effects that unveil company symbol. Label disclosure can vary from flat-minimalistic to more complex 3D style.

Intro / Opener

Intro or opener is similar to logo reveal because it is placed in the first part of video and may include organization attributes. Nonetheless it is not focused just to logo animation, but has broader visual implementation. Introduction may include captured footage often related to further video content, text conveyed using various title animations, 2D/3D motion graphics, visual effects like ink reveal, glitch, split screen, particles and etc. Due to its longer duration it is possible to provide more information about product, service that company offers. Generally the same logo reveal is used for all organization videos, meanwhile intros are likely to be different for particular cases. There are situations where the same company works in different areas or has various products. For example television broadcasting company produces diverse TV shows therefore it needs different opener videos.

Promo / Presentations

Very similar to introduction/opener video, not an insert, but discrete video which has direct purpose to promote something. For example it could be used to introduce new fashion collection, advertise upcoming event. Travel companies may use it to promote particular resort or travel destination while construction business can display their built apartments, houses, commercial buildings using promo video. For medical institutions, automotive area, catering and many other facilities it is good way to represent services in creative, visual way. Therefore, promo video can be used in many cases providing information about organization products, services regardless of the area of activity.


This type of video is common on holidays period, especially Christmas. Individuals and organizations are seeking for variety of ways to greet their family members, relatives, friends, co-workers, employers. There is a wide selection of video greetings to creatively congratulate others with upcoming holidays. Some may contain short animated story with greeting at the end.


These After effects templates usually have pre-made placeholders for media to be inserted and supplemented with graphic elements, text, filters and transitions in between. Slideshow videos are universal and have wide variety of uses: photo slideshows of holiday, wedding, birthday or other family events, animated stories, historical events, etc. You can find a variety of styles with the most popular being glitch, parallax, ink reveal, photo album. Although this video type is more popular among family members and individuals, organizations use it to recall most important events their members have experienced, participated in the past. 

Instagram stories

Instagram stories templates are designed to meet length and dimension requirements of the network. Like in other template groups there you can find different project styles ranging from glitch to ink reveal. Most templates contain animated graphic elements, text and media reveal transitions. Instagram templates often come in packs and can be grouped by categories: events, commercial, sports, fashion, holiday, etc.