What is 2.5D parallax effect?

2.5D parallax effect is a visual phenomena of 2D objects movement at different depth that imitates 3D environment. When this effect is used in video it can be also named as 3D photo animation, parallax photo effect, parallax video effect, 2.5D parallax animation.

2.5D parallax photo effect can be used on a single image e.g. social media posts, or multiple images for slideshows to make them more engaging.

2.5D parallax animation is achieved when different parts of image are cut into separate layers and animated individually while still keeping them in the same scene. However, layers for 2.5D parallax photo animation should not be animated randomly because it may look unrealistic and even weird. For the natural look, layers should be animated in a way to fit each others movement replicating real world conditions.

How to make your photos more suitable for parallax photo slideshow?

If photo consists of a person, animal or any object that can be moved, then it is worth to take a couple of shots for the same scene: one with objects placed in frame and other consisting background only. This will save your time and you won’t need to clean background by filling cut gaps. If you are taking only one photo, have in mind that backgrounds with complex details are harder to clean in post. Photo composition is also important. The more objects there are in a foreground the stronger the effect will be. At least two, three are advisable. In addition, foreground elements should be distinct from background to emphasize different depth.

Is it difficult to create 2.5D parallax photo animation?

Usually the whole process is divided into three tasks:

  • Image cutting
  • Background filling
  • Layers animation

To create 2.5D parallax photo animation 3D software is not necessary. It is possible to cut image with photo editor and animate with video editor. To further enhance your scene you can add special effects like smoke, rain, fog, light or text.

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