Social media video editing

We provide social media video editing services for most popular websites including:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Most popular social media video types


Vlogs (video blogs) in certain sense are blogs but in video format. Such video content is created mostly by individuals filming themselves and talking about their daily life activities, feelings, new experiences or adventures. Normally video production is not their primary activity therefore these people use budget equipment: smartphones, DSLR or action cameras, some lighting. Since vloggers are not professional video creators they don't use complex video editing techniques too. Their videos look quite simple: basic cuts between different scenes, background music, little text. Some vloggers lack the time and tend to outsource their footage to third party creators who provide social media video editing services.

One of the most popular vloggers on Youtube is Casey Neistat

Looping / engaging videos

These videos are probably the most popular on social networks. Video posts get thousands of reactions including likes, shares, retweets, comments. Most of the time these are short videos lasting up to a minute.Nevertheless, this video content has big attraction and there may be several reasons for that. Part of social media video content is somehow related to viewers and today’s trend is encouraging to tag such person in post to attract other people and increase its popularity even more. Animal, human baby and fail videos were always popular and such content does not lose popularity today either. These characters and their actions excite emotions which make people like and share social media video content with others.

One of the social media engaging videos made by Alexandr Karpov

Facebook cover video

This is different type of video since it has very specific place of use – facebook page. Unlike Facebook personal profile, Facebook page has ability to use video content in cover. This gives a good opportunity for organization to show their products, services or maybe share ideas in dynamic way. Facebook cover video specifications:

  • Recommended resolution 820 x 462 pixels
  • Duration 20 seconds minimum and 90 seconds maximum
  • MP4 format

In addition, this Facebook cover has looping feature which gives more option for social media video editing. It makes possible to create seamless infinite animation using only computer generated graphic elements. Audio background is available too, but user has to unmute it every time he visits Facebook page.