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We have more than 5 years of video editing experience and are willing to use gained knowledge for your projects too. We can offer you video editing services for a wide range of video content. 

Wedding film editing in a cinematic style using voice-overs, background music.
Corporate videos: interviews, product promos, reviews, conferences, training videos. 
Event videos: sports, music festivals, exhibitions, fashion shows.
Real estate videos is great way to show potential customer the property he is willing to buy. 
Personal videos: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries. Did you come back from your holiday and have lots of cool footage? Let’s turn your memories into amazing video!

In some cases content of the video may be good, but the video itself looks too simple or has some technical problems. Several basic video and audio corrections can have noticeable impact making your footage look more professional. Video stabilization, basic color correction, audio levels adjustment are just few of them but very important. Our video editing services include various technical corrections that can greatly improve your video quality. You can find some of them below.

Video corrections:
-General video editing: video stabilization, graphic elements, text, speed ramp, video noise reduction, video flicker removal, video effects, multi-cam video editing, green screen removal, object tracking, object removal, lens dust removal.
-Color correction and grading: exposure, white balance, saturation, highlights, shadows.
-Audio adjustment: audio noise reduction, audio levels

Most of the time it is more pleasant to watch visually stable video. However it is often quite hard to film steady without using stabilizers like gimbals or steadycams so footage can look shaky. Video stabilization can be done in post production and while it won’t always look as good as mechanical stabilization generally it can make your video look more professional. How good end result can be depends on the footage individually.

Another common video quality problem is video noise. Depending on your camera capabilities and settings used during video recording, noise can be quite small or more severe. You can see it by grainy footage and “hot” bouncing pixels, especially in the dark areas. In video editing process it is possible to reduce video noise using particular software.

There are situations when video is recorded indoors and camera refresh rate may not match with light refresh rate so optical video flickering may occur. The result is undesirable video footage with recorded flashing lights in. Depending how intensive flashing appears it may be possible to fix video by removing or reducing light flickering using software.


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